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In a time of uncertainty, one thing still remains. Admins are essential and it's as important as ever that we continuing working to advance the profession. A crucial first step is research and understanding what admins need now and in the future. You know what it takes to be an admin... the skills you need, why your certification matters, and the importance of your role. Could you imagine if companies all over the globe knew the value admins add as business partners? It starts with research.


All proceeds raised from AdminsAdvance will fund research that will help power the profession and empower you! Research in areas like a job task analysis can help define the admin role and create data that supports the validity and relevance of your role as well as your IAAP certification.


Data is vital for a strong, secure future. Our goal is to raise $12,000 through AdminsAdvance so we can begin building that data and strengthening your future. Are you in? You are your best advocate and the only ones who can help make this happen. And you are worth it!

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