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It’s true! Since 2013, The Foundation of IAAP has been working in overdrive to strengthen the IAAP community and advance the administrative profession. Your profession! We’ve invested heavily in your success, and the impact has been incredible.

At a pivotal point in IAAP’s history, The Foundation leveraged your continued support to allow IAAP to focus on preparing admins for what matters now and what’s ahead by providing the essential resources needed to remain innovative and relevant. Below are just a few highlights of The Foundation’s investment in your success, totaling more than $800,000 since being formally established in 2012.

  • IAAP CAP Exam & Study Guide – Two years ago, it became obvious that the existing IAAP CAP program needed refreshing in order to remain relevant in the workplace. Maintaining this premier certification became a top funding priority for The Foundation, which resulted in a complete overhaul of the program. Since March of 2016, a total of 1,064 administrative professionals have taken the exam and the passing rate has increased to 70%. Additionally, more than 1,000 copies of the IAAP CAP Study Guide have been sold and it has been distinguished as the first official IAAP CAP study reference since IAAP established the program in 1951.

  • IAAP Local Area Networks (LANs) – A vital component in revitalizing IAAP’s structure was the establishment of member-focused, local touch points that provide networking, education, and professional development. The launching of multiple LANs across the nation was a massive undertaking for IAAP staff and LAN Directors and required the availability of funds to secure event venues, etc. Working in partnership with IAAP, The Foundation reinvested the contributions received from disbanding divisions and chapters by provided the funds needed to launch the 120 inaugural LANs that would carry out IAAP programs at the local level.

  • IAAP Leadership Academy – Today’s admin not only supports more individuals than in the past, they also wear multiple hats within the workplace as compared to only a few years ago. For this reason, The Foundation funded the development and launch of the IAAP Leadership Academy at Summit 2015 to prepare our colleagues for becoming successful strategic business partners within their companies and organizations. After witnessing first-hand the amazing impact of this program, The Foundation will be expanding its scholarship program in 2017 by offering three scholarships for the Leadership Academy, in addition to the scholarships already planned for IAAP Summit 2017. Stay tuned for details!

These accomplishments, and more, are the direct result of the ongoing generosity of individuals, like yourself, who believe in the mission of The Foundation. However, your continued support is even more critical now to ensure that we can sustain the momentum in delivering this level of value to the administrative profession.

Our Give ’16 year-end giving campaign is currently underway and every contribution matters, regardless of the amount. Please join me and my colleagues on both The Foundation Board and the IAAP Board in ensuring that we finish the year strong. Give today!

Thank you for supporting The Foundation of IAAP!

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