To better serve you we are updating our website. Our   goal is to have this project complete by July 2021.   Look  for more detailed information on our grants,   outcomes, and strategic priorities. 

 In the interim, you can still contact our board and staff   through the site, make donations, and find general   information about the foundation.

 We appreciate your patience as we navigate these   exciting changes!

 Thank you to all that donated! We raised $2,160 that will go   towards supporting the creation of an Organizational Needs   Assessment that will be piloted in a real world situation. Data   cultivated from this assessment will lead to tools that   support  both individual and organizational performance.   Ultimately, we see
  • fully optimized, self actualized admins
  • improved business outcomes
  • validation of the role
  • fair compensation and recognition
 Still want to help our efforts overall? Donate today!

 We are currently seeking items for our 2021 online   auction. Check out our Amazon charity list for   suggested items. Already purchased items? Want   more details? Click here.

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In this edition of Supporter Spotlight, we are proud to spotlight Sharon Taylor, CAP! Read more...

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