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The Impact

The generosity of our donors has made an impact on thousands of administrative professionals.

You can read some of their stories and testimonials below on how the foundation has made a difference in their lives.

Supporter Spotlight
Laurel McDevitt.png

Supporter Spotlight

Laurel McDevitt, CAP, OM, PM

I have been in an Administrative Professional position for almost 20 years. I pride myself, as a hard worker and dedicated employee. I thought I was up-to-date on Microsoft Office and many other technologies. But, as I soon learned, there is much more available to help make office life easier.

I first learned about IAAP Foundation when I saw scholarships were available for the IAAP Summit in 2016 in the newsletter. I wrote my essay about what a benefit it would be for me to attend a large conference. I had never really participated in many large conferences, while in my positions, so I thought this would be a great experience. I was so excited when I received a call that I had been selected to receive the premium registration as a scholarship recipient. My managers were very excited for me and approved the remaining travel expenses for me to attend Summit. I feel, without The Foundation scholarship, I would have never approached leadership, about going to a conference. In the administrative profession, there weren’t many conference opportunities available, so being the recipient of a scholarship gave me confidence to ask to go.


I attended IAAP Summit 2016 and had an amazing experience. The Summit provided class sessions, but it also allowed for networking with other administrative professionals, and to share common experiences and challenges. The instructors for each session were extremely passionate about their subject matter and willing to help anyone, even if the issue crept up after Summit. When I returned to work after the Summit, I felt as though I had a large box of new knowledge tools that upgraded my entire skill set!


​The IAAP Foundation gave me the best present ever by offering me a generous scholarship. After attending the Summit in 2016, I was sorry I had missed previous Summits. Prior to attending, I really did not know what was offered at this type of conference. I would highly recommend it to anyone in an Administrative Professional career path, attend the Summit or the Leadership Academy.  The IAAP Foundation is always there with support to “jump start” someone’s career because of their own passion.


​After my first Summit experience, I was very excited to attend the Summit in 2017. I was reading the newsletter and there was a scholarship opportunity for the Leadership Academy. I wasn’t, at first, quite so sure I was Leadership Academy ready, but I applied with an essay for the scholarship. There were just  three Leadership Academy scholarships available out of 50 participants, so I did not anticipate receiving this scholarship. I received a call that I can been selected as a scholarship recipient. I was very excited, but then that excitement turned to panic! I wondered how in the world I was going to work through a 16-week class that involved many leadership areas. I thought, I’m a somewhat quiet person, who goes with the flow. I never liked to make waves or participate in group discussion, so how was this going to go? At the conclusion of Leadership Academy, I was completely transformed! I gained strength, confidence, and public speaking abilities (that I didn’t even know I had). I also learned the importance of growing professionally year-round. The IAAP Foundation helps to give you the opportunities that you might never have dreamed of in our profession. They provide opportunities so that you can find your niche in the administrative professional role, by finding your strengths and working on your obstacles.


​I can tell you first hand, these experiences will ignite that “inner fire” in you and you’ll hopefully continue to support IAAP and The Foundation through attendance, donations, and/or as an engaging board member. These organizations support us so that we can develop and grow within our organization.


​I want to THANK the IAAP Foundation for providing me the opportunity to flourish in the administrative professional career path. I feel I would not have realized my full potential and success without their support!

-- Laurel McDevitt, CAP, OM, PM

Hear From Our Members


I am honored to be an IAAP Foundation Ambassador.  The administrative profession means a great deal to me.  When I started the IAAP Western Montana Branch in 2019, I did not realize the wonderful impact this would have on my life.  I have since been elected as The Rocky Mountains Regional Director and am serving in my second year!  I am proud to say I have recently recruited IAAP members to start 3 new IAAP branches-Idaho Falls, Idaho, Kalispell, Montana and Denver, Colorado.  The collaboration, educational opportunities, travel, and friendships are all my favorite parts of belonging to IAAP. I cannot wait to see what happens next. I have faith in the future and am so grateful to be part of this amazing organization.

Maria Phillips 

foundation ambassador

I volunteered to give something back to the IAAP Foundation, to spend quality time away from a busy lifestyle and to feel valued and part of the team. Being an admin means a lot to me; passion, ambition, and the incredible challenges. It is not just a profession, it is my whole life.

Mohamed Mutairi

foundation ambassador

Mohammed .jpeg

IAAP is an important part of my professional life. I am an active member and have been a member since the early '90s. I served on the Plano Chapter Board as Membership Chair, Webmaster, Secretary, and finally as President. The administrative profession means the world to me because I would not be where I am in my life, today, without it. IAAP has helped me to grow both personally and professionally and I have established lifelong friendships within the organization

Andrea D. Hernandez

foundation ambassador

Wendy Stocking.png

I learned so much, made friends, and built my self-esteem. IAAP is more than professional development, for me it has changed my life. Thank you just doesn't seem enough to express my gratitude, gratefulness, humility, excitement, encouragement and appreciation for being selected as a scholarship attendee. I am proud I was selected for such an honor! I will forever have such wonderful memories of our conference and the people we met and made connections with.

Wendy Stocking,

2016 scholarship recipient

IAAP Summit 2015 was an amazing experience. The quality education, new connections and the experience was well worth the trip. I gained valuable knowledge that I proudly bring back to the office and share. The IAAP Summit training advances my skills to become an indispensable assistant.

Catherine Marshall,

on attending IAAP Summit 2015 with a Foundation scholarship

Catherine Marshall.png
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